Wallies Against Walls

It is a well known fact that we as skateboarders are quite the influence to the fashion industry. When we started cuffing our Dickies, the rest of the world soon followed. So far, that’s about as far as our influence has reached outside of our bubble. Until now.

As rare as it may be, sometimes skateboarders do pay attention to what’s happening in the world. It’s not all about shotgunning beers and vandalising public space. Sometimes, there’s more important things to focus on. One of those things is the problem happening right now across the pond. A big, orange problem with tiny hands, ruling over the most important country in both the skate and real world. You’re probably familiar with his name, so there’s no need to further introduce mister Trump.

There’s not much to do about this problem when you live on this side of the ocean, other than shaking your head when the orange man is in the news again because of one of his stupid quotes. And then, once in a while, someone will stand up and do something different. In this case that someone consists of Rens Verbruggen, RenĂ© de Landmeter and their crew, who decided to build a wallie with the ugly face of mister Donald. Skate and destroy his orange face, or build it yourself and skate the face of a different political leader you despise, and if truly desperate, skate the face of your grumpy neighbour. Skate wallies, instead of building walls is the message the crew tries to spread with this relatively easy to build yourself wallie.

Go to their website, download the construction files and find your nearest lasercutting shop, or ask your dad to help you undust his tool collection. Go skate and let the world show that we skateboarders are not always lazy, show them that we do care about what’s happening in the world. And maybe even show them the full video or Martijn’s photogallery linked below.

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