Portfolio #1 – Martijn van Velden

Martijn performing a lifestyle hammer. Photo: Rodenhuis


We wouldn’t be a proper skateboard media website without shining light on photographers far and wide through the traditional form of portfolios. For our first installment of this series we asked our very own Martijn van Velden (also known as Martaire, switchgod and many more names) to select some photos and write a few words. Martijn got on board around issue 2 and I’m stoked to see him progress as a photographer. He’s got his technical skills dialed in by now, and since he just stopped going to school I’m curious to see how his style is going to evolve now he’s got loads of time to shoot. Martijn is always stoked to lay on the ground for a couple of hours, so hit him up if you ever need someone to document your hammers.




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