North Magnetic


North Magnetic is the newest video offering from Rotterdam-based Steven Mathot, better known as Shredderino. We asked him some questions about the project, be sure to check the video above!

Marc Francis van den Arend – Boneless.

So, what’s North Magnetic all about? Where was it filmed, who’s involved?
North Magnetic is a project that was born when we went on a random street session in Rotterdam North including Rick den Ouden, Sjors Huybregts, Dirk Busio and myself. Basicly we had such a good time and enjoyed the spots so much, that we deciced to dedicate an entire video to Rotterdam North. Our goal is mostly to explore and skate everything, while having a lot of fun doing it, ofcourse!

This is pretty much the first time you’ve done a project like this, right?
Yes it is, i’ve been into filming for a long time but never really put something out. Now that ive got the camera setup that im satisfied with, I want to start making more videos.

Can we expect a South Magnetic too? Maybe a little Atlantic Drift-esque series?
Haha yes you can. Altough the name will remain North Magnetic, we are gonna film in the east, west and south now and make videos of those particular areas.

You don’t film with the traditional VX1000, right? Why not?
I got the opportunity to buy the Canon xm1 from Bram Schlangen, so I did. I really like how the footage looks, so at the moment I don’t really feel the need to switch to a vx1000. 

Allright, thanks Steven! 

Marc Francis van den Arend – hippy jump. Photo: El Martador

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